11th Homework

This homework has to be prepared individually (no teams). Create a directory 11_your_name to contain your homework. This homework grants you a lot of freemdom - the sole goal is to become familiar with pandas and the ipython notebook. When you completed the assignment, submitting your homework as compressed archive. Don't forget to add the correct subject to the email when submitting.

To be awarded full points, your homework needs to

  1. Data Analysis (9 points)
    Pick any data you were always interested in. Do a proper analysis on that data using the ipython notebook and pandas. At the very least, your analysis must
    1. read a data file or obtain data from the internet
    2. create a nice document intermixing explanations written in Markdown and code demonstrating that you understood the basics of pandas
    3. do some basic statistical analysis
    4. perform a grouping
    5. generate a graph
    You are free to use any data you like - be it (a very large number of) soccer results, a web server's access log, data you extracted from Facebook or a similar service, financial data, ... In case you want to use financial data you must use the functions provided by pandas or another library to obtain live data from the web. When done, make sure to include all required files besides your .ipynb and properly test if your homework works as expected. It is important that you use relative / absolute paths such that the required files can be opened without any problem.